100% Orange Juice.

Whenever I make fresh orange juice, I’m astounded to find out not one batch tastes the same as any other. It is almost as if oranges have their own, distinct set of palatable fingerprints. What I buy in a shop is a collection of millions of liters of something, stored for up to one [1] year, deprived of oxygen, and served to have this overall distinctive, but artificial, natural taste. I can do and live without this kind of nonsensical ‘freshness.’


3 responses to “100% Orange Juice.

  1. Well, when you order or buy orange juice, you should check its label. Japanese calls “juice” or “jyusu”, even it is not 100 percent PURE.

  2. when a CA (maybe already it has be changed the name again?) in United Airlines asked me what kind of beverage I want, I smiled and said, ” I am orange juice” 🙂 Well, I was 12, and maybe still fresh fruit. :)))

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