Wedge wood

“Wedge wood.” someone yelled.”

I grabbed a couple of planks and went for it.

“Do I need a hammer and nails?” I asked cautiously, having learned from previous mistakes.

“What are you on about? You’ll need cups and saucers if you’re planning to keep up with us!”

The wheel

They tell me that the wheel is the biggest invention of all. It’s quite something, I have no problem seeing that angle of the equation, but then I wonder, how come that throughout the entire universe I can’t seem to find a single one of them? I see round shapes an ellipses, but not a single wheel. Did the master plan leave port without one or is it not that high on the agenda?


Although it was very windy and the sound of thunder bashing my eardrums I had a hard time following the conversation. “We need a surgeon.” I heard and yelled back, “There’s a hospital around the corner.” I didn’t understand the looks I got. “We need water. We need fish. We need a sturgeon.” That’s how wars start.

Left – Right

“Are you left or right?” they asked me and I replied, “Well, I do things with my right and sometimes with my left hand. When I play the piano I use both.”
Very wrong.
“Politically. How about politically?”
I didn’t have an answer, because I didn’t remember Darwin mentioning anything about the evolutionary development of that particular species.