When I overheard a conversation about ‘cancellation’ I thought we’d be in for a strike or demonstrations of some sort. Little did I know that the two men were philatelists who merely discussed the state of stamps.



Although it was very windy and the sound of thunder bashing my eardrums I had a hard time following the conversation. “We need a surgeon.” I heard and yelled back, “There’s a hospital around the corner.” I didn’t understand the looks I got. “We need water. We need fish. We need a sturgeon.” That’s how wars start.

QC – Quality Conversation

I love technology and I’m all for what it can do to improve our lives. Nevertheless, when people have more friends on facebook than in real life and when conversations are boiled down to lmfao, lol and brb m8, what will happen to our skills of having a direct conversation with a person mano-a-mano/face-to-face? My guess is, that in the end technology and mankind will merge [or morph] into a symbiotic/synergistic concoction of sorts and speech will become irrelevant once we master to receive and decode the messages our brainwaves produce today when we still use our vocal chords to communicate. More on this in a later blog-post.