A tree is nature’s free umbrella. Rain is nature’s free shower. That’s why I vote naturalism. Not capitalism, socialism or communism.


Heads up

“Hold your head up!” I was told, but couldn’t help but wonder why nature had given me free reign over such an important part of my body. Or was it that the 87% of our brain that we don’t use, refuses to think beyond what it thinks it doesn’t know?


Given our epic failures mankind should stop trying to rule nature and admit that nature rules us, regardless whether we like it or not. We can destroy, loot, burn and pillage all we want, in the end this planet will show us why it survived almost 5 billion years of the harshest and cruelest set of circumstances we would perish under twice over. Give peace a chance? How about giving nature back its life, so death becomes part of a natural cycle?

We Rock… Yeah!

Why do we rock? Is it based on our misplaced assumption that we’re special because we can or have the ability to use and abuse nature? Well, certain stuff like hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, sun bursts and a host of other ordinary common events [who or what invented gravity, btw?], the ones that yank our short leash ‘unexpectedly,’ are always labeled as ‘horrific.’ Do we seriously think we’re alone in our ‘use’ of nature or should we be more cautious and rule in the fact that maybe nature uses us?

Nah, nature is the accumulated and unproven outcome of something we do not understand, yet.