If everything has to be moved toward a ‘center’ for the right balance, do we really still need ‘left’ and ‘right?’


Left – Right

“Are you left or right?” they asked me and I replied, “Well, I do things with my right and sometimes with my left hand. When I play the piano I use both.”
Very wrong.
“Politically. How about politically?”
I didn’t have an answer, because I didn’t remember Darwin mentioning anything about the evolutionary development of that particular species.

Ice and Concrete

Let me get this right: ‘we’ have come to the conclusion we’re the top dog in an alpha male pack. We’re at the top of the food chain and thus eligible to indulge into the spoils and riches that come with the territory. If so, how come I can carry more weight over ice than I can over ‘our’ concrete? We must be doing something wrong, but are unwilling to accept our flaws for what they are: we’re mutants with ‘our’ beloved feelings and emotions in tow so we do not kill to eat, we kill for fun. Now there’s a sign of true ‘intelligent design.’ God’s speedo!